Tattoo Apprentice

About Me: In the 4 years I’ve been tattooing, I’ve picked up on many techniques and tricks to be better in my craft. I try and grow with each tattoo I produce, wanting this piece to be better than the last. Aside from my intense love for art, what makes me the happiest about my career is the joy it brings my clients; giving them something they can love forever.

What’s your favorite part of your apprenticeship? t’s really hard to say, but I’d have to say black and grey realism. I also really enjoy doing anime, new school, and neo-traditional.

Who or What inspired you to become an artist? Being an artist all my life, tattooing has always intrigued me. Once I got my first one done, just watching how the artists work sparked my interest even more. Not long after I started practicing I was hooked.

Kale's Work